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Mayor Chiang Wan-an Announces dg.o 2024 Best Paper Taipei Award Winners

The 25th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2024), organized by the Taipei City Government and National Taiwan University under the global interdisciplinary academic organization "The Digital Government Society" (DGS), held ‘Taipei Night banquet and dg.o Award Ceremony’ at the Regent Taipei on June 13. Mayor Chiang Wan-an presented the dg.o 2024 Best Paper ’Taipei Research Award,’  by Professor Helen Liu (劉康慧) from National Taiwan University, NTU, Commissioner Shih-Lung Chao (趙式隆), and  Deputy Commissioner Hui-Min Chen  (陳慧敏) Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government, focusing on TaipeiPASS and TAIPEION. This award not only recognizes the professional achievements of the authors but also successfully showcases Taipei's smart city accomplishments to the international academic community, thereby highlighting Taipei's recognition on the global academic stage.


Mayor Chiang emphasized the city's commitment to a service-oriented government, prioritizing citizens' needs and promoting digital transformation to improve public services. Hosting this conference allowed Taipei to share experiences and showcase its innovative capabilities and smart city achievements to the international community. 


Over 180 experts from industry, government, and academia from more than 30 countries attended the award ceremony. Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an (蔣萬安) emphasized the city government's commitment to a service-oriented approach, prioritizing citizens' needs, and promoting digital transformation to improve public services. The conference enabled Taipei to exchange knowledge with global experts and showcase its innovation and smart city achievements to the international community.


The 2024 dg.o call for papers received significant attention from the international digital government community, with 297 submissions. The DGS review committee rigorously evaluated and accepted 197 papers. The dg.o Best Paper Award was recommended by the review committee. Additionally, all accepted papers are compiled and published by ACM Press in the conference proceedings, included in the internationally renowned academic databases ACM Digital Library and DBLP. This not only acknowledges their outstanding academic research but also provides broader dissemination channels for their work, enabling increased reading and citation to expand their academic influence.

This year, four academic papers related to Taipei were accepted by the dg.o review, as follows:


  • "Exploring Government-Citizen Relationships through TaipeiPASS and TaipeiOn Platforms " Using the Taipei Programmers' Festival Hackathon as a case study, this paper explores how the government promotes open-source technology and open innovation practices.


  • " Exploring the Motivations of Open Innovation: An Empirical Case of Open-Source Hackathon Taipei" This paper summarizes the Taipei Smart City Proof of Concept (PoC) projects into 22 technical fields and constructs a strategy for integrating artificial intelligence technology into the municipal framework.


  • " Development of the AI Implementation Framework in Taipei City" Analyzing Taipei City's digital platforms "TaipeiON" and "TaipeiPASS," this paper examines the transformative potential of digital platforms in simplifying administrative services and promoting public participation within four types of dynamic relationships between the government and citizens.


  • " COVID-19 Control and Prevention in Taipei: A Data-Driven Approach: Utilizing data on pandemic prevention" This paper discusses the importance of data-driven strategies using big data for decision support in city prevention or disaster situations during the COVID-19 pandemic.