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The Cross-Disciplinary Forum on Art, Education and Science: Registration Now Open at Guandu Nature Park

A workshop at the Guandu Nature Art Festival What creative sparks can be inspired when art meets education and science? The Crossing – The Cross-Disciplinary Forum on Art, Education and Science will be held during the Guandu International Nature Art Festival at Guandu Nature Park from November 1 to 3. Experts and practitioners from 3 main fields will be invited to conduct lectures and case studies as the curtain-raiser to the Guandu International Nature Art Festival. The forum draws upon Guandu Nature Park’s experience hosting the Guandu International Nature Art Festival over the last 14 years, and managing the Taiwan Water Education Partnership Network over the last 8 years. It also capitalizes on the energy of different fields such as art, education, science, and culture, between which a dialogue is initiated to provide diverse perspectives in nature conservation and contemplate how to encourage everyone to join the environmental movement.

In addition, WWF Hong Kong education manager Alex Wong will be invited to present a lecture on youth participation in nature conservation, while the WildViewTaiwan Film Festival in association with Wildscreen curator Roger C.J. Wang, Academia Sinica publication Research Sinica assistant editor Huang Hsiao-chun, Beitou Storyteller founder Lin Chih-hai, Nature Classroom Malaysia founders Huang Yun-yun and Huang Hung-chin, as well as Garden of Hope Foundation assistant CEO Wang Yueh-hao will be sharing case studies in various fields with the audience.

The Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO) invites everyone to join the event during November 1-3 to exchange thoughts and forge a partnership that transcends all boundaries and limitations in order to confront and resolve future environmental issues through cross-disciplinary collaboration. The same venue will play host to the art festival’s opening carnival on November 3, featuring interactions with artists, guided tour of artworks, and creative DIY activities.

The first 70 visitors to the park will enjoy an early-bird gift (hand-molded soap DIY), and those who have collected all the stamps will stand a chance to win binoculars in the lottery, so everyone is invited to participate in the function. Artwork exhibitions will continue until December 31, while registration for the cross-disciplinary forum is open now. Please refer to APO’s website (https://www.tcapo.gov.taipei/Default.aspx) or Guandu Nature Park’s website (https://gd-park.org.tw/). You may also search for Guandu International Nature Art Festival on Facebook or call (02) 2858-7417.