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Registration Now Open for Youth Summer Classes, Programs at YDO

Poster listing some of YDO's upcoming summer activitiesWith summer break right around the corner, how are local students planning to utilize their long-awaited vacation? The Taipei City Youth Development Office (YDO) will be organizing a series of summertime activities and classes for those interested in learning something new during this period!
This year, YDO offers a range of summer programs including “Summer Vacation YoungYoung Camp”, “Third Season Study Program,” “Youth Hands-on Handicraft Program,” “Paper Robot Lesson,” and “Frame-by-frame Cartoon Creation.” In addition, there are classes for the entire family such as “Tree-climbing Hands-on Camp” and “Everyday Crafts Creation.”
The registration deadline for courses and activities at YDO is June 22.
In the advent of the digital age, social media promotion is an important knowhow for the younger generation. YDO pointed out that the agency designed the “Creativity Marketing Training Program” for digital-oriented indigenous youths, as well as “Young Voice Workshop” and “Youtuber Workshop” for those interested in hands-on operations in the domain of media promotion. The organizers invite professionals and experts in the field to share their invaluable experiences in management and marketing with students. 
Furthermore, the “Who Are You: Yashow Chang Exhibition” will be held at the fifth-floor saloon at YDO from June 25 through July 24. Artist Yashow Chang invites visitors to immerse themselves in self-reflection when enjoying artworks spotlighting fish. The first-floor exhibition zone also features the 2022 Innovation Base Achievements Exhibition, which showcases the brainchild of gaming and design.
For more information, please visit the Chinese website of YDO (Link) or its Chinese Facebook page (Link).