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University of Taipei, Cerritos College Organize Online Chinese Class

Students in California attending the collaboration class onlineThe Department of Education (DOE), University of Taipei, and Cerritos College in California joined hands to organize an online course on Chinese language and a virtual experience of Taipei’s culture under the framework of the Taipei-California International Cultural Exchange Program.
The first class was held at 9 AM on June 8 (6 PM on June 7 in Los Angeles).
The course will continue for an entire year. The Chinese class convenes once a week, providing interested Californians with an opportunity to learn Chinese and Taipei.
The organizers seek to achieve the vision of “linking up with the global community and connecting to the world.” The program also aims to promote the internationalization of education and exchanges with diversified entities around the world.
The University of Taipei assigned three young and motivated Chinese language teachers to set up the coursework and conduct the classes via Cerritos College’s online platform. They are able to interact with over hundreds of attendees in California who are interested in the subject.
Professor Shin Liu, who is a member of Cerritos Community College Governing Board and responsible for recruiting students for the program, remarked that the class attracted a large number of individuals hoping to learn more about the topic. There are also enthusiastic parents in California who enrolled their children in the class.
According to DOE, this is the first time for Taiwan’s Chinese language center to collaborate with a community college in the United States to organize an online course. The preparation period for the class took nearly a year. The successful implementation of the class achieves a new milestone in the promotion of Taiwanese culture and the strengthening of Taipei’s international portfolio.