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Introducing the Taipei Open Data Platform

Targeting applications for daily living used by the city’s residents, the Taipei Open Data Platform was established on September 1, 2011.
The platform provides data on traffic and transportation, administration/politics, public safety, education, culture and arts, health, environmental protection, business and economics, housing and buildings, venues and facilities, statistical data, and more. Over 2,704 data sets spanning 18 categories were available for the residents of Taipei to access through a single portal site.
On May 23, 2015, the “Taipei Open Data Hackthon” was held to encourage outstanding students, individuals, businesses and organizations to develop useful and valuable software programs and services which utilize the open data provided by the platform, hoping to create a better and higher quality life for people in Taipei.
In June of 2017, the “Social Welfare Open Information Workshop” was held to discuss social welfare open data applications, attracting 51 participants from 21 NPO and NGO groups to the event.
On July 16, 2017, the city government partnered with HackNTU – the largest hackathon event in Asia – to set up a category promoting the “use of green transport.” The event attracted a total of 451 students and professionals to take part in the competition. Among the 121 projects submitted, a total of 23 projects used the open data provided by the city government to complete for the co-sponsored category reward.
Between July and September of 2017, The “City Affairs Chatbot Application Contest” was held, attracting a total of 7 teams.

On March 6 ,2018, Taipei City Government joins forces with AWS and seven universities to enrich bigdata collaboration.

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