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Smart City, 3D Taipei

The “Smart City, 3D Taipei” website allows users to explore the city from a 3D perspective. Residents will find the city’s administrative achievements, city news, and services on the website. As the first of its kind on the island, the website employs online technologies to serve the residents, while marketing the city at the same time.
Among the possible routes available for users to experience on “Smart City, 3D Taipei” website are ‘Revitalization of Tamsui River,’ ‘Taipei Flora Expo,’ and ‘Recreational Life.’ In particular, the ‘Tamsui River’ route allows users to navigate through 12 construction projects. Each project on the website comes with detailed information on its location, images, and multimedia data. Thanks to the advances in technologies and enrichment of contents, three more additional routes have been added to the repertoire of the website:

1. Urban Planning: Acknowledging the public’s interest in urban renewal issues, this new section provides information on the evolution of the city’s historical buildings.
2. Culture and Art: A panoramic view of the city’s 101 most popular tourist spots, including Taipei 101, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Tamsui River, and more!
3. Travel in Taipei: Remember the well-received “flying activity” highlighted at the 2013 ICT Month combining 3D virtual reality, motion sensor technology, and YouBike vehicle? Now you can “fly” freely by clicking the mouse when visiting the website.
Residents are invited to experience the services on the website to learn about the changes of Taipei. Smart City, 3D Taipei: http://adm3d.taipei.gov.tw (Chinese)