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Taipei Free

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The Taipei Free Public Wi-Fi Access system now has over 6,000 hotspots, providing the public with free 24H Internet access at all indoor and outdoor public places.

Everywhere you walk in Taipei, you see them. On the streets. Waiting for the bus. Getting on the metro. Smartphones – yes, the mobile digital era has arrived! The public wants Internet access everywhere, all the time, and the Taipei City Government has given it. Third-phase Taipei Free Public Wi-Fi Access services are now up and running, with over 6,000 hotspots. There’s no need to meander around aimlessly, looking for a hotspot; just head to the nearest bus stop, metro station, or indoor/ outdoor public area. Usage is free of charge.

Wi-Fi hotspot coverage now includes such public facilities as Taipei City Hall, the administrative centers in the city’s twelve districts, Taipei Public Library branches, Taipei City Hospital campuses, Taipei Metro stations and underground malls, district health centers, district sports centers, household registration offices, land offices, public schools, bus transfer stations, parking lots, bus shelters, refuse incineration plants, parks, markets, tourist night markets, public rental housing facilities, and city buses.

To make it easier for travelers from overseas to set up a Taipei Free account, special service is available at numerous locations, including Taipei Songshan Airport, visitor information centers at tourist attractions, and service desks at over forty tourist hotels. Use your passport number to apply. Applications can also be made on the Taipei Free website. You can start using the system as soon as your application is filed.

Two-way roaming has now been set up between the Taipei Free system, the NewTaipei system that serves New Taipei City, and the iTaiwan system that serves all of Taiwan. Just one account is needed, meaning once you have your Taipei Free account you do not need to register again with the others. Whatever your need of the moment – looking up info, map searching, swiping a QR code, contacting friends – satisfaction is instantaneous while you roam Taipei, both physically and digitally!


Taipei Free
Website: http://www.tpe-free.taipei.gov.tw/tpe/index_en.aspx

Local Toll Free Number: 0809-091919