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Taipei Preschooler Football Games Celebrate Tenth Anniversary

* Taipei Preschooler Football Games, the greatest event of its kind in Taipei City, is about to kick off again.

The Department of Sports has promoted football for a number of years, and it has now become a highly coveted competition among many kindergartens. The 10th Taipei Preschooler Football Games will be held on May 18 and 19 at the Taipei Stadium this week. Coinciding with the event's 10th anniversary, the competition's 162 team spots filled up just 2 days after registrations opened, demonstrating the immense popularity of the event.

The pre-game press conference was held today (May 13), inviting kindergarten entrants that have never missed a game for 9 years, including Taipei Baoren Kindergarten and S.F.C., to share with the audience their development in the Taipei Preschooler Football Games over the last decade. Besides stressing the importance of preschoolers maintaining a habit of exercising, it is hoped that all the little athletes will be able to enjoy the game and perform well.

In celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Taipei Preschooler Football Games marks an important milestone. In the past, the Department of Sports has promoted grassroots football with great success. Many teachers and parents have inquired about the game before registrations were open, indicating that football has made a tremendous impression in the minds of the public.

This year, the ball presentation tradition from last year will continue, where a representative from the Department of Sports, Taipei City Government will present footballs to kindergarten children in need, thereby conveying love and care to more school children and allowing them to enjoy football.

According to the Commissioner of the Department of Sports Li Tzai-li, after 9 years of progress, he believes that the Taipei Preschooler Football Games has contributed to the development of football in Taiwan. The primary goal of the competition each year is to provide the children with a sound environment to grow up, so as to ensure the positive development of their character. The Commissioner also extended his invitation to all football enthusiasts to feel the charisma of the game at the Taipei Stadium on May 18 and 19.

A series of interesting activities will be designed to complement this year's competition. Besides the scintillating matches, there will also be amusement facilities such as "Football Skeet Area" and "Little Golden Right Foot" for the entire family, so come on down to the stadium to experience the merriment of football!