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NO.TitlePublish Date
1From Civic Participation to Public Sharing: Winners Announced for the 2024 Taipei Spring CodeFest – City Dashboards2024-07-05
2Mayor Chiang Wan-an Announces dg.o 2024 Best Paper Taipei Award Winners2024-06-18
3AI-Driven Smart City of the Future Digital Transformation of Municipal Services Draws Lessons from Around the Globe2024-06-17
42024 Taipei Spring Season Codefest: Programmers Congregate at Jiantan to Achieve New Milestone of Government Services2024-05-16
52024 Taipei Spring Season Codefest Workshop: Making Taipei City Dashboard Ubiquitous2024-04-25
6Taipei’s Tech Triumph: A 16th-Place Finish in the 2024 IMD Smart City Rankings2024-04-25
7Recap of the 2024 Smart City Exhibition featuring the Taipei Pavilion2024-04-02
8AI-Driven Taipei Smart City: Three Major Visions Mayor Wan-An Chiang’s Dialogue with AI Virtual Alter Ego Ignites Technological Sparks!2024-04-02
9AI Taipei Smart City: Unboxing the Digital Taipei Dome2024-03-26
10Mayor Wan-An Chiang Invites Local & Foreign Experts to Participate at the Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research2024-01-25
112023 City Dashboard Hackathon: Winners Announced Establishing a Capital City of Co-creation, Shared benefits Based on Open-Source Culture2024-01-05
12MediaTek Research, Taipei City Government, NTUT Join Forces to Explore New Frontier of Chinese Large-scale Generative AI2023-11-28
13City Receives Donation of 2,000 Portable Hearing Amplifiers2023-09-06
14TPEDOIT Sets up Shop at 2023 Daegu Chimac Festival2023-09-06
15Mayor Inspects Ongoing Construction at Minquan Bridge2023-09-05
16Taipei Reports Two New Indigenous Dengue Fever Cases2023-09-05
17Mayor Experiences Bike-sharing, Visits Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange2023-09-01
18Mobile Book Bus Announces Schedule for September2023-09-01
19Daan Police Precinct Deploys Officers Strengthen Security on Back-to-school Day2023-09-01
20Registration for TCAP Moon Festival Sports Day, Barbecue Party Now Available2023-09-01