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1How do you sign up for the “Citizens’ Free Digital Courses?2023-12-01
2If I know absolutely nothing about how to use a computer or smart phone, can I still sign up for the “Citizens’ Free Digital Courses?2023-12-01
3Are there requirements for enrolling in “Citizens’ Free Digital Courses”?2023-12-01
4Does “Citizens’ Free Digital Courses” offer online classes?2023-11-30
5What are the recommended specs for TaipeiPASS app? What are my choices for mobile device?2023-11-10
6What is TaipeiPASS?2023-11-10
7How many tries do I get to logon to my TaipeiPASS account before the system locks me out? How do I unlock a disabled account?2023-11-10
8What are the benefits of TaipeiPASS membership?2023-11-10
9How can I apply for TaipeiPASS membership?2023-11-03
10Can foreign nationals apply for TaipeiPASS accounts?2023-11-03
11How many TaipeiPASS gold memberships can one person have?2023-11-03
12How do you use TaipeiPASS coupons?2023-11-03
13When I apply for TaipeiPASS membership, it says that the account already exist. What can I do?2023-11-03
14What should I do if I can’t update my TaipeiPASS app?2023-11-03
15 Is “Taipei Reward Point” transferable?2015-02-11
16Can Taipei Reward Point and Concessionaire EasyCard point be used together?2015-02-11
17How do I use the EasyCard stored value acquired from converting “Taipei Reward Point”? 2015-02-11
18Should the total amount of EasyCard stored value converted from Taipei Reward Point be included in the annual withholding tax from income? 2015-02-11
19How do I inquire about the progress of FTTH implementation?2014-12-25
20I was told by Chunghwa Telecom that I can’t access fiber-optic network due to inadequate conduits around the area of my house to install optical fiber cables. Can Taifo provide the service?2014-12-25