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Yucheng Park: Great Place to Cool-off during Dragon Boat Festival

The water splash facilities at Yuchen ParkWith the Dragon Boat Festival kicking-off in June, where do you plan to take your family for a short and refreshing trip? Why not visit Yucheng Park in Nangang District? In addition to free admission around the clock, there are also whale-like playground facility and water sprinklers for kids to take cover from the blazing sun.
Director of Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) Huang Shu-ju remarked that to let kids learn about local culture and history through playing, the Yuchen Park Inclusive Playground sports a design concept merging local traits and geographical characteristics, transforming the facility into something suitable for kids of all ages.
Chief Chuang of PSLO Nangang Park Management Division noted that Yuchen Park is a great place to visit and hide from the summer heat. The whale-shaped slide is a wooden structure with both curved slide and pipe-like slide. The sand pit nearby and blue-color artificial turf in the surrounding recreate the seaside-like atmosphere. Other attractions such as climbing slope, netted bridge, and swinging skateboard encourage kids to concentrate during play.
The most notable facilities at the playground are its water features – sprinklers and splash pads. The two clown fish installations at the entrance shoots out water jets at set times, showering the kids as they make their way through. The waterway and splash pads in the middle of the playground allow the kids to maneuver the flow of water as they play. Of course, the coral area are places where people can sit down and relax in the midst of the ocean-like environment.
Visitors should take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from the pandemic, include washing hands frequently and other measures.