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APO: Keeping Furry Friends Safe During Cold Spells

A heater warming the cats and dogs at the animal shelterWith the recent cold weather across Taiwan, keeping sheltered animals warm has become a top priority for the Animal Protection Office (APO) in Neihu District. Seeing the thermometer hit temperatures as low as 8C during daytime, the agency deployed equipment including electric heaters, heat lamps, and heavy blankets to make furry friends retain a healthy spirit in the midst of winter.
Located next the Keelung River, APO’s animal shelter is often cold and moist during the winter months. With the recent cold spell bringing temperature as low as 5C to Taipei, the agency allocated funds to acquire new heating devices, in addition to putting existing equipment to good use.
The basic approach to keeping the animals warm includes adding towels, clothing, and bed sheets to the cages of sheltered animals. Devices such as infrared heat lamps and electric heaters play an important role in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, while agency staff increase patrol frequency to make sure that the furry friends in the shelter receive adequate care.
APO would also like to express its gratitude to volunteers who donate dietary supplements and warm blankets to the sheltered animals, helping them remain warm and healthy during the cold weather.
To ensure the welfare of our furry friends, the city government proclaimed the Taipei City Basic Care Guidelines for Household Cats and Dogs on February 20, 2020. When the temperature drops to 10C or under, pet owners are required to provide equipment and devices to protect their pets from the low temperature. Options include blankets, sheets, thermal mats, and heat lamps to keep pets warm. APO also reminds pet owners that they should exercise caution when using electricity-powered heating devices to avoid burns and fires.
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