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AI-Driven Taipei Smart City: Three Major Visions Mayor Wan-An Chiang’s Dialogue with AI Virtual Alter Ego Ignites Technological Sparks!

  Group photoThe 2024 Smart City Exhibition - Taipei Pavilion opened to the public at Hall 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Center on March 19th. The opening ceremony was led by Mayor Wan-An Chiang of Taipei City, and Commissioner Shih-Lung Chao of Taipei City Department of Information Technology. The city officials held the three torches representing major visions, illuminating Taipei's symbols of becoming the Capital of Safety, Sports, and the Future. The Taipei Pavilion is themed “AI-Driven- Future Taipei” and is divided into three main exhibition areas, incorporating sports elements to build up hype for the upcoming World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City.  Additionally, Mayor Wan-An Chiang  and the AI avatar “Metaverse Mayor” took to the stage, becoming the focal point of the event. The real and virtual dual offered a cross-dimensional experience for visitors exploring the infinite possibilities of Taipei's smart city innovation services.

  On the same day, Taipei City Mayor Wan-An Chiang, and Selangor State Administrative Councilor Sihan Huang, witnessed the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Commissioner of Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government and the Chief Executive Officer of Selangor State's Information Technology and Digital Economy Agency (Sidec). The Selangor delegation's participation in the 2024 Smart City Expo is expected to deepen bilateral exchanges and cooperation, with hopes for further enhancement of collaboration.

  For this year’s exhibition, MomentX has been invited to integrate Microsoft's ChatGPT technology in the development of AI virtual tour guide “Metaverse Mayor” and the virtual tour scene, “AI Taipei Navigation Station”. The appearance of the “Metaverse Mayor” is created by using Aemass 3D Cloud Map AI algorithm, capturing Mayor Chiang's holographic image and enabling real-time interaction and Q&A with the virtual avatar. The “AI Taipei Navigation Station” utilizes Mixed Reality (MR) technology, in collaboration with OURSTEAM International, to provide citizens with an immersive interactive tour experience, injecting a wealth of future technological energy into the exhibition.

  After the opening ceremony, Mayor Chiang toured and visited the various innovative municipal services displayed at the venue. Additionally, the “Capital of Future” exhibition areas showcased numerous innovations. They include the Taipei CooC-Cloud AI Smart Teaching Assistance Platform - the CooC AI system which supplements the rich and diversified teaching resources of the city. The Network Transit Display System(NTDS) of Taipei Metro provides real-time integration for the entire metro network's status. Smart pharmacies improve medication service efficiency to enhance healthcare for citizens. Taipei buses have also integrated the ADAS advanced driving assistance systems, boosting driving safety with access to AI smart networks. 

  Among the displays, the “Capital of Sports” exhibition area serves as a rich source of information on the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City, hoping to boost public participation in the upcoming international competition. From now through April 17, there's a 30% early bird registration discount for those interested. The exhibition also spotlights multi-functional sports training equipment integrating AI and big data, which we invite everyone to try out and join the ranks of individuals exercising on a regular basis.

Furthermore, at the “Capital of Safety” zone, users witnessed how city hall promote a new “vision” for emergency medical services by utilizing 5G technology to improve the pre-hospital emergency service disposal rate in remote areas. With the approach of rainy season, the “Taipei Hydraulic Engineering Office (TaipeiHEO)” provides real-time water situation information search services, offering citizens a convenient channel to access rainfall, river water levels, stormwater sewer levels, and other information through LINE app, creating a communication and response channel for disaster prevention in real-time.The smart water meter application service enables autonomous management and water usage alerts for citizens, providing convenient and user-friendly services.

For those who don't want to miss this exhibition, the Taipei City Department of Information Technology will use its Facebook page to bring smart city technology and convenience to all online viewers during the exhibition period.


Taipei City Government Exhibition Information

Date: From March 19 (Tuesday) to March 22 (Friday)

Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (closes at 5:00 PM on March 22)

Location: Booth P1033 on the 1st floor of Hall 2 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (Taipei Pavilion)

Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government Facebook page

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