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The Lake in Yongchun Wetland Park Retains Its Scenery of the Century

     PondTo create an eco-friendly environment combined with culture, Taipei City Government has been developing the Yongchun Wetland Park since 2015. The residential area has been changed into a park zone and the first part of the project had been completed on September 28, 2017. The second part has commenced in 2018 and up until now, water from the Paoshan and Nameless creeks has been diverted into the lake; landscaping of the area has also been completed as well.   This is the first eco-friendly wetland park in Taipei that combines culture, environmental protection, and history with sustainable development.
     The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) announced that the eco-friendly lake area of the Yongchun wetland park has been completed. The diversion of water into the park has restored the old beauty and visions of people boating on the lake in days gone by. The water flowing into the area has also improved, softening the fertile soil which sustains a healthy growth of plants. Numerous species of plants have been introduced to fill the park with surprises.
     Section Chief Hsu Jui-I of the Slope Land Building Section said that the numerous eco-friendly innovations introduced in the Yongchun Wetland Park, such as the shady tunnel of vines and organism corridor, have actually established a forest within the city. The marsh around the lake has different water levels and many different bird species are present. Egrets can be seen now in the area looking for food, and many other species are expected to move in and establish colonies.
     GEO emphasizes that the Yongchun Wetland Park is built on the basis of ecological recovery. People should live as part of the environment and take all the steps needed to ensure its preservation. It is a great challenge for people to observe and understand the species without disturbing their habitat. The Yongchun Wetland Park offers Taipei citizens a well-developed natural environment that will continue to be of great educational value.