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Recap of the 2024 Smart City Exhibition featuring the Taipei Pavilion

 5G Ambulance - Mazu Ensures Your Safety The Taipei Pavilion exhibition closed flawlessly on March 22, 2024. Throughout the exhibition, Deputy Spokespersons Yin-Lan Kuo and Wan-Rong Tsai conducted an excellent unveiling  live stream, which has been posted on the Taipei City Government Department of Information Technology's Facebook fan page.

Theme 1: Sports City - Smart Taipei, Host: Deputy Spokesperson Yin-Lan Kuo

Video link

Theme 2: AI-Driven - Capital of the Future, Host: Deputy Spokesperson Wan-Rong Tsai

Video link

  If you haven't had a chance to visit, here's a summary of the highlights!

   Mayor Wan-An Chiang transformed into Three AI Metaverse Virtual Tour Guides: Using Mayor Wan-An Chiang as a component, the “AI Taipei Navigation Station” features his virtual counterpart, the “Metaverse Mayor”, acting as the visionary guide. Through real-time generative artificial intelligence calculations, his three avatars conduct different types of tours and immersive MR interactive experiences, allowing visitors to feel as though they were standing in front of the mayor and experiencing the infinite possibilities brought by future technology.

  5G Ambulance - Mazu Ensures Your Safety: The collaboration between the Taipei City Fire Department and Far EasTone introduces the “New Vision for Emergency Medical Services - 5G Joint Emergency Rescue and Video Surveillance” using 5G technology, which enhances pre-hospital emergency care services. This innovative application of 5G's high-speed transmission and low latency improves the accuracy of paramedics' identification and enhances the quality of emergency care.

   AI Gym - Testing Training Intensity: Drawing inspiration from the upcoming “2025 World Masters Games Taipei & New Taipei City”, scheduled for Taipei next year, this concept blends a myriad of sports elements with track design to inject vibrancy and dynamism into the exhibition. Furthermore, it introduces AI Gym equipment that fuses technological innovation with the sports field to assess training intensity. Coaches from the sports center provide guidance on using this equipment, making it one of the event's most captivating highlights, enticing visitors to give it a try. Also, a friendly reminder that until April 17, you can enjoy a 30% early bird discount on registration for the 2025 World Masters Games! Let's encourage everyone to actively participate and embrace the challenge of the world!

  Beautiful Green Exhibition Hall: The design of the exhibition hall extends curated themes of “sustainability” and carbon footprint reduction, with a primary focus on utilizing eco-friendly reusable materials. Collaborating with Taipei Flower Auction Co., Ltd., and the Parks and Street Lights Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government, the exhibition hall features abundant plantings, creating a lush green environment while emphasizing and strengthening key display points. This results in a high-quality and immersive exhibition space that showcases Taipei's commitment to environmental sustainability and guides everyone towards a vision of livable sustainability.

   Smart Pharmacy: Taipei City Hospital has implemented various technological applications to create a smart pharmacy dedicated to safeguarding public medication safety and providing a higher quality healthcare experience. The smart pharmacy includes intelligent dispensing counters, precise dispensing from medicine cabinets, automated inventory management, and big data analysis to prevent medication shortages. Additionally, the public can use the “Slow Prescription Reservation App” for mobile appointments to pick up prescriptions in advance, enjoying convenient medical services.

   Enriched Short Talk Activities: Focused on Taipei's innovative achievements and future focal points, these series of talks include AI technology, RPA applications, award-winning project results, and friendly new startup mechanisms. Through sharing and exchanging ideas with the public, important topics for Taipei's future development are constructed, deepening public understanding of the city government's information infrastructure and Smart City development vision. In particular, the AI-focused talk highlights Taipei Metro's significant technological advancements, showcasing AI implementation and big data utilization in the metro network and train dynamic scheduling. This demonstrates Taipei's leading position as a technology-driven city and opens the curtain to a more sustainable future for Taipei.