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2019 Taipei Bio Club – Cross-Disciplinary Talents Crossing Over to the Biotech Slash Generation

One of the guests speaking at the 2019 Taipei Bio Club event The Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development (DOED)’s 4th 2019 Taipei Bio Club kicked off this afternoon (October 29).

Inspired by the theme Secrets to the Success of the Biotech Slash Generation, several domestic cross-disciplinary experts were invited to share and exchange their expertise with young biotech talents and other cross-disciplinary specialists, including Dr. Liu Tien-jen from Mackay Memorial Hospital, KPMG general manager Su Chia-jui, Global Research & Industry Alliance, National Yang-Ming University, CEO Pei Hsien-chih, and Life Star International Limited executive director Chen Meng-chuan. Together, they can explore how biotech professionals can continue to pursue advancement and bridge the interdisciplinary gap to become biotech winners among the slash generation.

As the need for medical supplies changes over time, the overall R&D and design of medical supplies must also evolve as well. Introducing innovative technology from abroad has become an inevitable industry trend in the field of medical supply development. According to Dr. Liu from Mackay Memorial Hospital, in the past, domestic talent has been sent overseas for training in the field of cardiac catheterization, in turn allowing significant savings in medical resources through technological and material innovation, which ultimately benefits patients. KPMG general manager Su emphasized that Taiwan’s current biomedical industry exhibits immense potential, hence through inter-industry integration and cross-disciplinary, cross-departmental consolidation, the technical advantages created can be used to achieve advanced biotech developments, thereby demonstrating Taiwan’s high level of competitiveness comparable to that of medically advanced nations in Europe and the US on the global stage.

Life Star International Limited executive director Chen indicated in the bio club that as the second generation of entrepreneurs in her family, she is able to think outside of the framework of an individual discipline to gain insight into the overall horizon of the industry; furthermore, she can capitalize on his family’s wealth of resources and networks to consolidate fields such as biomedical R&D, intellectual property, and business management, so as to accumulate more competitive energy and practical experience. Speaking from personal experience, Global Research & Industry Alliance, National Yang-Ming University, CEO Pei expressed that, although managing a business from a specialized biotech R&D point of view endows products with a certain degree of market competitiveness, there are still considerable investment hurdles to overcome such as brand value and capital-raising, therefore it is imperative to contemplate what the industry values as desirable in a proactive manner.

According to DOED Deputy Commissioner Wu Hsin-pei, it is hoped that information sharing and exchange at the bio club will inspire industry-academia synergy and emphasize the importance of cross-disciplinary talent training. Furthermore, the aim is to encourage domestic biotech professionals to step out of their comfort zones and develop multiple specialized skills in order to demonstrate the hidden potential of biotech talents among the slash generation and ultimately become winners with bright futures ahead.

For further details related to the 2019 Taipei Bio Club, please contact 02-26982989 #03072 or #01954 for Mr. Tang or Ms. Shang; you may also visit Bio@Taipei’s website. For more information about the DOED, please refer to the official website and the StartUP@Taipei Facebook fan page.