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Taipei Zoo to Close June 20-30 for Summer Recess, Provide Ice Zongzi to Animals to Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival

 An otter enjoys the ice zongzi.To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, the zookeepers at Taipei Zoo has prepared bundles of sticky rice dumplings (zongzi) for denizens such as pandas, otters, Asian small-clawed otters, gorillas, and elephants.
Are you looking forward to seeing a variety of delicious zongzis at the dinner table as part of the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations? In fact, zongzis are widely popular among the animals at Taipei Zoo – especially the “frozen” versions. The central kitchen of the zoo will roll out a series of iced zongzis to commemorate the occasion for zoo animals at 11 AM on June 3.
The fillings of the ice zongzi range from vegetables to fruits to fish meat to pure shaved ice. How would you like to witness animals such as elephants, otters, and gorillas munch away on these exotic delicacies? Come to Taipei Zoo with your entire family and watch these cute animals enjoy the summertime treat!
As a reminder, Taipei Zoo will be closed between June 20 and 30 for its 11-day-long summer recess. For those who are planning to visit Taipei Zoo during summer break, remember not to come on the aforementioned dates.
During the summer recess, the staff of Taipei Zoo will conduct maintenance and repair works at various facilities across the zoo, as well as holding training courses for zookeepers. This is invaluable time for the zoo to carry out various maintenance projects and environment inspection. It also allows the animals to enjoy a period of peace and quiet before the facility reopens.