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2020 IDC SCAPA Online Voting Begins! TCPD’s WORK SMART Platform Enters Final Round

Cast your vote for TCPD’s project and DOE’s project!  The shortlist for the 6th 2020 IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA) was recently announced.

This year, more than 200 submissions from the Asia Pacific region were received, and 8 Taiwanese submissions were shortlisted including Taipei City Police Department’s (TCPD) Smart Policing – Taipei Police WORK SMART Platform and Department of Education’s Omni Smart Education in Taipei; they were shortlisted for the Public Safety-Smart Policing category and the Education category respectively.

Citizens are welcome to vote online from now until April 3 to help market Taipei’s smart industry internationally. Voting website: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VOTESCAPATW2020.

To alleviate the burden of police officers and to achieve Mayor Ko’s policing reform policy of “work smart,” TCPD is the first police administration in the country to create the Taipei Police WORK SMART Platform, integrating the department’s information systems such as computerized duty record system, computerized patrol box system, spot check system, traffic violation report system, and live video streaming system. Computerized procedures, tablets as well as the M-Police application and Bluetooth portable printer have been used to improve the police officers’ working environment, thereby attaining the work smart policing goal.

According to TCPD Commissioner Chen Jia-Chang, being shortlisted for the Public Safety category has inspired the department to continue improving smart policing measures and establish a culture that is tolerant of failures and encourages innovation. At present, the 2020 IDC SCAPA has already entered the online voting stage, so the agency has produced information packs for the public to download and participate in the online voting. Everyone is welcome to vote online and support Taipei City so that the world can see the city’s endeavors in making constant improvements.