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Taipei Flower Market to Operate Around the Clock for 5 Days Ahead of CNY

: Taipei Flower Market gets ready for special business hours before Chinese New YearTo meet the overwhelming demand for fresh flowers before the Chines New Year holiday, Taipei City Government and the Agriculture and Food Agency organized the Agriculture Products Chinese New Year Bazaar and held a press conference at the Taipei Flower Market on January 19. The organizers voiced their support for domestic floral and agricultural products and displayed a wide range of options for holiday gifts and decorations, including lily, chrysanthemum, and orchid bouquets.
The Markets Administration Office (MAO) pointed out that to welcome the Year of the Tiger, Taipei Flower Market will implement a two-phase “Chinese New Year opening hours” arrangement to accommodate shopping needs of consumers. The first phase begins on January 18, with business hours extended to 3 PM in the afternoon. During the second stage which lasts from midnight on January 27 through noon on January 31 (Chinese New Year’s Eve), Taipei Flower Market will remain open around the clock for five consecutive days.
In addition, there will be a special promotion event for selected agricultural produce on the second floor of the building (Hall A) between January 25 and 30. Come and take a look for bargains and discounts!
Regarding home floral decorations for the New Year, Taipei Flower Market suggests using flowers such as lily, chrysanthemum, and ginyanagi. Lily has a pleasant aroma and symbolizes booming business and good fortune. Chrysanthemum boasts a wide range of color options such as red, pink, green, and purple, allowing customers to pick the color that best complements the interior of their home. Symbolizing wealth and prosperity, ginyanagi sounds like “silver pieces” in Taiwanese and is well-received by locals as Chinese New Year’s decoration.
Taipei Flower Market is the largest supplier of flowers in northern Taiwan. It continues to honor the tradition of operating around the clock for five consecutive days before Chinese New Year’s Eve. This is also the fifth time it has collaborated with agricultural produce retailers to hold joint promotional events, hoping to transform the flower market into a wholesale market featuring diversified products.