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Free Applications of Fluoride Varnish for School-aged Children during Winter Vacation

Teeth     Taipei City Hospital’s Department of Dentistry will apply Fluoride varnish free of charge for children aged 6-12 during their winter vacations. This preventive measure is being conducted under the department’s policy to reduce the rate of dental cavities.
     Dr. Li Ya-ling, director of the Department of Dentistry at Taipei City Hospital, pointed out that dental cavities are the most prevalent oral disease among school children. According to a survey conducted by the Health Promotion Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 31% of children ages 2-3 have decaying teeth and that the percentage goes up to 79% among the 6-year-olds. The number further increases to 95% among children with disabilities or developmental delays because they don’t know how to brush their teeth properly. During summer and winter vacations, children receive more sweets than usual, which increases the likelihood of having tooth decay if not enough attention is used in protecting their oral health and the chances that they will suffer from tooth decay become much higher. . The causes of tooth decay can be categorized into four areas: teeth, bacteria, food and time. Applying fluoride is sometimes described as applying bullet-proof vest on teeth because it increases the resistance to acids, inhibiting bacterial growth and metabolism, and thereby preventing tooth decay.
     Fluoride can be applied onto teeth in a variety of ways, which include: adding fluoride in drinking water, table salt, mouthwash and toothpaste, etc. Partial application of fluoride varnish to the surface of the teeth of school-aged children is currently one of the most effective methods for preventing tooth decay. Coating the teeth with fluoride every six months, using correct methods for brushing teeth, and maintaining good oral hygiene and eating habits can effectively prevent tooth decay.
     In order to achieve the best outcomes in preventing tooth decay through the application of fluoride varnish, Dr. Li suggests that children brush their teeth before applying fluoride. Any cavities should be treated first before applying fluoride to effectively prevent cavities.
     The free fluoride varnish application is available only to Taipei City residents, and will take place from January 21 (Mon.) to February 1 (Fri.), every Monday through Friday from 09:00-11:30 and from 13:30-16:00. Parents can take their children to the Dentistry Department of Taipei City Hospitals (Zhongxing, Yangming, Zhongxiao, Renai, Heping, and Fuyou Branches) for the free Flouride varnish application, but has to ensure that their children brush their teeth at home prior to going to the hospitals for treatment. Please bring National Health Insurance Card, household registration certificate and toothbrush with you to the hospital. No registration fee is required at the hospital for receiving treatment. All parents are advised to take this opportunity to work with the dentists of the Taipei City Hospitals in protection of the oral health of their beloved children.

Contact numbers for various Taipei City Hospital branches’ Dentistry Department
Contact for each Taipei City Hospital’s Department of Dentistry

Hospital branch name     Contact telephone     Contact person
Zhongxing Branch     1999 or 2552-3234 ext. 6201-3     Miss Kuo I-ping
Heping Branch     1999 or 2388-9595 ext. 2301-3     Miss Chung Ming-yu
Fuyou Branch     1999 or 2391-6470 to 2201     Miss Chi Yu-ling
Yangming Branch    1999 or 2835-3456, 5190, 6236     Miss Liao I-chi
Zhongxiao Branch     1999 or 2786-1288 ext. 8201     Miss Hsu Yu-ting
Renai Branch     1999 or 2709-3600 ext. 3258, 3262    Miss Sun Ting-hsin