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AI Taipei Smart City: Unboxing the Digital Taipei Dome

  2024 SCSETPE PAVILIONThe Taipei Pavilion, themed “AI-Driven - Future Taipei”, has been located on the first floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2 during the 2024 Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE) between March 19 and 22. This exhibition has highlighted Taipei's three major visions of “Safety”, “Sports”, and “Future”, emphasizing the diversity of the smart city. Of particular note has been the showcasing of the digital venue platform for the World Masters Games 2025, which has been jointly co-hosted by Taipei City and New Taipei City. A 360-degree panoramic image of the Taipei Dome has been available, forming one of the highlights of the exhibition. This year, the exhibition hall has also featured Mayor Chiang Wan-an's avatar – the “Metaverse Mayor”. As the AI virtual tour guide, he has accompanied visitors as they have explored the major exhibition areas at Taipei Pavilion.

  During the 2024 SCSE, the Taipei Pavilion has showcased the “World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City Digital Venue Platform” to the public. The platform has allowed visitors to quickly locate competition venues within Taipei Dome's event space, improving the efficiency of digital event services. On-site early bird registration for sports events has also been available at a 30% discount through April 17. The exhibition has also featured multi-functional AI Gym training equipment provided by AIFIT. We have invited everyone – especially sports enthusiasts – to experience the convenience of AI and big data-powered sports training equipment during workouts!

  In the process of building a smart city, safety has remained the primary consideration for citizens. The Taipei City Government has introduced three innovative municipal services, including the “New Vision for Emergency Medical Services” - 5G Joint Emergency Rescue and Video Surveillance, the “Taipei Hydraulic Engineering Office” (TaipeiHEO), and the Smart Pharmacy, hoping to create a safe and comfortable living environment for citizens and to reaffirm Taipei as the Capital of Safety.

  In the “Capital of the Future” exhibition area, visitors have been able to witness demos of Taipei CooC-Cloud AI Smart Teaching Assistance Platform - CooC AI System, Network Transit Display System (NTDS) for the Taipei Metro network, ADAS combined with AIoT, smart water meter application services, and the introduction of the AI virtual tour guide “Metaverse Mayor” which uses Mayor Chiang as its model. The Taipei Pavilion has showcased elements of an AI-driven smart city, working together to enable a citizen-centered, service-oriented government.

  This exhibition has injected more dynamics and technological elements into the new face of Taipei Smart City. We have welcomed the public to participate actively and witness the future development and transformation of Taipei.

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