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Tasks & Duties

Roles and Responsibilities of DOIT:
Specific responsibilities of DOIT include the planning of Taipei’s overall network management; the design and promotion of city affairs information service system; the advancement of office automation; the development of a common application system; and the conducting of IT-related trainings.

Duties of Divisions:
(1) Planning Division: Overall planning and promotion of City Government's information technology and Intelligent City Project; verification of computer application plans; supervision of computer use efficiency verification; management of IT-related exchanges; and information technology training.
(2) Infrastructure Division: Construction of Taipei’s basic broadband infrastructure; planning and development of city’s computer network; management of wireless and other networks; maintenance of network security, computer room equipment and materials administration.
(3) Web Services Division: Planning, maintaining, and promotion of websites under Taipei City Government and its affiliated agencies; development and promotion of e-services, GIS system, e-government, city cloud, and other applications related with city administration.
(4) System Development Division: Planning, development, and maintenance of Taipei City Government’s interoperability framework, information system, and platform; promotion of office automation duties; city database warehousing and integration of related information.
(5) Secretariat Office: Execution of administrative policies; document filing; collections and disbursements of cash; property management; research; evaluation; general administration; and affairs that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other divisions.
(6) Accounting Office: Preparation of annual auditing and accounting affairs, as well as statistical business.
(7) Personnel Office: Personnel management.
(8) Government Ethics Office: Monitoring and reviewing of government ethics affairs.